1997 The Drawing Room at The Drawing Center Sontag / NEW YORK
flat black acrylic on white wall / ceiling height 12 feet / 8.5 x 4 meters
Drawing Center staff photo
|2005 Macau Art Museum, China
|2005Kung Fu
|2004 O'Artoteca, Italy
|2005Takahashi and Crisp
|2005Aki Takahashi
|2003 Tekenketen, The Netherlands
|2003 Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Japan
|2005Taiko and Braxton
|2005Baraka and Ishiokasan
|2005Baraka and Ishiokasan
|2005Taiko Drummers
|2005wide angle installation view
|2000 Galleria Civica di Modena, Italy
|2005Costa and Wistena
|2005Afra Cattelani
|1998 Stephen Gang Gallery, New York
|1997 Drawing Room at The Drawing Center, New York
|2005installation view
|2005installation view long
|2005detail Sontag
|1989 Petersen Studio, The Netherlands
|1989Ad Petersen